Daniel Alexander
contemporary photographic art practice, online collaboration and curation, commemoration and remembrance

Tahera Aziz
art, identity, migration and racism

creative theatre production, bilingual drama, radio/audio drama

Dan Barnard
psychological approaches to directing, Stanislavski

Andrew Dewdney
post-critical museology; reflexive methodologies, hypermodernity, transmediation, new media

digital cinema, Deleuze and film theory, Italian neorealist cinema, Italian art cinema

networked journalism, media and environmentalism, media and war/conflict/humanitarian intervention

Janet Jones
journalism and democracy, the internet and the public sphere, public participation in multi-platform media

theatre direction, bricolage, experimental drama

Iris Luppa
Weimar cinema, film analysis

documentary theory, criticism and practice, visual anthropology, Italian Cinema, Pasolini, cross-cultural cinema

Elena Marchevska
performance and the digital, screen as site, feminist art and political activism |

Alex McSweeney
Berkoff, adaptational methods and performance practice

Jenny Owen
media pedagogy, cultural exchange, diversity and cosmopolitanism

Simon Pittman
contemporary theatre direction and choreography

Hillegonda Rietveld
electronic dance music, DJ cultures, technocultural memory, sonic and embodiment of space, immersive analysis

queer feminisms, diasporic art strategies, artists' publications and the photo book

contemporary artist video practice, contemporary avant-garde music, hauntology

postcolonial literature, life writing, Caribbean literature and literary history, Black British literature and drama
the status and circulation of the digital image, digital curating

Patrick Tarrant
montage in the portrait film, experimental and non-fiction filmmaking and analysis, screenwriting

videogames, gender, accessibility, animals in videogames

modernism, poetics, dance, new media poetry translation

Visiting Researchers

Felicity Allen, Visiting Fellow
museum education and globalisation, dialogic portraits, art and pedagogy, cross-cultural projects: Jordan, Syria, UK

Annet Dekker, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Margaret Kinsman, Visiting Fellow
mystery and crime fiction

Alex Niven, Visiting Fellow
folk culture, modernist poetry, popular music studies

Tony Venezia, Visiting Fellow
contemporary literature and culture, comics studies