Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Fully-funded collaborative PhD scholarships

We invite applications for two full-time, funded PhD commencing in September 2015 in the School of Arts and Creative Industries. The scholarships provide the opportunity to undertake a specifically themed collaborative doctoral research project in partnership with one of the following arts organisations, The Photographers' Gallery or Hammersmith United Charities.

The scholarships cover fees and offer a stipend of £15,000 p.a. for three years.

Curating Ubiquity: Photographic Value After the Internet

Whilst the photographic image has become a ubiquitous feature of digital culture, it has undergone far-reaching transformations through computational systems. This has meant that understandings of the photograph in culture are radically different from understandings of the photographic image as data. What is needed is research, which examines the relationship between cultural and historical knowledge of photography contained in photographic collections, archives, museums and exhibitions and the formation and circulation of the image in computational culture. The Photographers' Gallery is especially interested in the ways in which the image is increasingly apprehended as part of a screen interface and what this means for new forms of online exhibition. How in cultural institutions is the networked image to be valued, selected and curated?

The researcher will work directly with The Photographers' Gallery and will have the opportunity to undertake fieldwork as part of gallery's forthcoming Unthinking Photography programme. For an informal discussion about this scholarship please contact Professor Andrew Dewdney.

Tackling Deprivation: Understanding the Contribution of the Arts

There is anecdotal evidence that participation in community arts projects has the potential to make a significant – sometimes seemingly life-changing – impact on those involved. Project evaluations report a range of responses from participants, which include enhanced self-confidence, pride, a sense of connectedness, new skills. But if the arts are to be seen as a major tool in combatting deprivation and enhancing community cohesion, research is needed to measure and define those benefits and establish the long-term impacts of these projects. Is the nature of the benefits gained identifiably different from the benefits gained by participants in other types of projects? Can we establish a longitudinal study to find out what do participants go on to do? Can we find ways to put a value on the positive impact of these projects? What is the wider impact on participants’ families and communities? And are there ways in which the Charity could use arts projects in a more innovative way to achieve its wider objectives?

The researcher will work directly with Hammersmith United Charities, which operates a place based grants programme, conducting field work and action research alongside that programme with the academic support of the school. For an informal discussion about this scholarship please contact Jonathan Banatvala.

How to apply

The scholarship application form can be found here:

Please provide an additional covering letter identifying which scholarship you are applying for. The deadline for applications is Friday 19 June 2015.