Thursday, 18 October 2012

For the LOL of Cats

Over at The Photographers' Gallery, a new exhibition has opened this month, curated by CMCR's Katrina Sluis.

For the LOL of Cats: Felines, Photography and the Web has attracted critical attention in The Independent, The Guardian, and Creative Review. The exhibition will run until January 2013.

Katrina is also leading a panel discussion, All Your Cat Memes Belong to Us, on Tuesday 4 December at 7pm.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Ed Show

To celebrate the 75th birthday of Ed Ruscha, ABC Artists’ Books Cooperative created the ABCED group project that revisits, appropriates and deviates from Ruscha’s 
original photobook works.

At a critical moment of photographic art education in the UK, ABC presents The Ed Show and asks what can be gained from looking back into the self-publishing world of Ed Ruscha?

October 9th - 30th
The Digital Gallery
London South Bank University
103 Borough Road London SE1 0AA

The exhibition is open on Fridays 2 - 6pm and at other times by appointment (email:

Let’s Talk about Ed
Visiting artists’ conversations
Tuesday 23rd October 6:00-9:30 pm

An evening of presentations by ABC visiting artists, free and open to the public.

6.00: Jonathan Lewis and Andreas Schmidt: 'Without Ed'
A presentation of the Artists’ Books Cooperative ABCED group project dedicated to the 75th birthday of Ed Ruscha.

6.30: Paula Roush and Maria Lusitano: 'Feminising Ed'
A discussion of Tested: vaio road test (2012), in the context of other feminist projects that approach historical artists’ books and documents by the use of archive and exhibition making.

7:00: Travis Shaffer: 'ED is 'merican (American)'
Travis Shaffer is a Professor of Photography in Lawrence, Kansas – a college town equidistant from Ed’s birth town of Omaha, Nebraska and his childhood home in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Via Skype, Shaffer will discuss his various projects addressing Ruscha’s artist books as quintessentially American works.

Dress code: California casual attire (sunglasses allowed)

The Photobook 2012 Visiting Artists Programme
This event is part of the Photobook Visiting Artists Programme, which features leading photographers and photobook artists who discuss emergent issues in photobook publishing. The exhibition and conversations are intended to address the artist's book within a discourse of found image and archival book practice, and what these modes of appropriation and distribution mean for contemporary self-publishing.

Presented in cooperation with the Centre for Media and Culture Research and the Borough Road Gallery, the Visiting Artists Programme supports the BA & MA photography courses at LSBU, which has a specialist photobook module.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Lumière et Son: 'near perfect and altogether exhilarating'

Read Michael Szpakowski's review on Furtherfield of the Lumière et Son project by Sam Renseiw and Philip Sanderson:

'a near perfect and altogether exhilarating sequence of moving image lyric poetry ... and a demonstration of how seriality and fragment - an unfolding over time, the diaristic - has quietly become one of the fundamental modes brought stage centre by the network'