Thursday, 20 December 2012

The place where we were last together

‘The place where we were last together’: practice as research exploration of the screen as a site of encounter

Elena Marchevska

CMCR Research Seminar
2pm, Friday 18 January
Studio 55, Keyworth Centre
Keyworth Street, SE1

We live in a world driven by intense national, racial, religious and ethnic divisions which have generated new kinds of wars and new kinds of violence. Ettinger (2012) suggests that the true horrors of the atrocities committed against defenceless others, violate the gift of feminine sexual difference to humanity – maternal subjectivity.  It is possible to track a latent aversion to and absence of the maternal across a full range of scholarly disciplines and representational fields, not excluding art.

This paper will engage mothers’ subjective experiences of mothering whilst bearing in mind the context in which such subjectivities emerge.  In the last part of the paper I will discuss ‘The place where we were last together’ (2011), a media installation focused on the relationship between my role as mother, the internal cultural borders that I have to cross everyday and the screens (curtains and windows) that provide encounters between different cultures.

Elena Marchevska is Senior Lecturer in Drama and Performance at LSBU.  As a multidisciplinary artist and researcher, Elena examines the peculiar inter-relationships between public/private space, the screen and the female body. Her art practice is interdisciplinary and makes use of media that best fit the subject and content of the project that she is developing. She works in many materials and formats including writing, performance, video/film and electronic media. You can see more about her art work at and more about her research at

This event is free and open to all, but registration is required.  If you'd like to come please email